This photo of Huey Long was taken in 1929 at his impeachment proceedings in the House Chamber of the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge. Last night I stood in that historic chamber and delivered a speech on Little Pink House. My speech was sponsored by The Foundation for Historical Louisiana. The organization is responsible for saving many of the historical buildings in Louisiana. But it is losing its fight to save over 100 historical homes in a small neighborhood in New Orleans. This neighborhood was battered by Katrina. But the homeowners restored a lot of these homes with federal dollars. Now the government wants to knock these homes down to make way for a massive hospital complex. While I was in town yesterday, more homes were demolished. Here's a picture.



This situation in New Orleans reminds me of what transpired in New London in Little Pink House -- government comes up with grand ideas to redevelop an urban area occupied by lots of people with little money. Meantime, the big development idea isn't adequately funded, making it very likely that the plan will never be realized. Anyway, check out to see just what is going on down there. It's a shame! You can also see some great maps and other visuals on Brad Vogel's excellent blog

Meantime, Little Pink House will appear in paperback in April 2011. A couple weeks ago I penned a new chapter that updates everything that has happened since the book was released in January ’09. There are some surprises. Meantime, someone needs to write a book on what's going on in New Orleans.