Tennyson Benedict shooting in Grand Tetons National Park in June 2018. By Grace HansenTennyson Benedict shooting in Grand Teton National Park in June 2018. By Grace Hansen

Note: The William Hill Sports Book of the Year will be awarded in London on Tuesday. “Tiger Woods” by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian is a finalist.

In my first year of law school, I wrote a book about athletes and violence against women. I had no intentions of being a writer. At the time, my career ambition was becoming a lawyer. But I loved telling stories. In my second year of law school I wrote another book. By the time I finished law school I had written three books. My passion became my profession.

A man I admired warned me I was being foolish – writing is a nice hobby; law is a more secure way to support a family. He meant well and I loved him for that. But I believed in myself. So I bucked security. That was fifteen books ago.

Now my oldest son Tennyson is in his first year of law school. His career ambition is becoming a lawyer. But in January he went on-line and bought a camera that was manufactured in 1978. He started taking pictures the old-fashioned way – with film. And he often shoots black and white.

He is thriving in law school. But his camera is always with him. This year he’s shot in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Washington, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Prince Edward Island. He’s shot protest marches, national forests, urban centers, political rallies, and rural landscapes. Mainly, though, he shoots people, particularly strangers he encounters on his travels.

Who knows where this will lead. But cameras, like pens, are a powerful storytelling device. In lieu of a blog post, I’ve decided to share eight of his photographs.

Scaling the castle wall (Gillett’s State Park, Connecticut)Scaling the castle wall (Gillett’s State Park, Connecticut)

The K9 (Lyme, Connecticut)The K9 (Lyme, Connecticut)

Step-up skateboard (Lyme, Connecticut)Step-up skateboard (Lyme, Connecticut)

Sleeping in Seattle (Seattle)Sleeping in Seattle (Seattle)

Man alone at midnight in a café (New York City)Man alone at midnight in a café (New York City)

March for Our Lives (Hartford, CT)March for Our Lives (Hartford, CT)

Debilitated trees (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)Debilitated trees (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)

Afternoon siesta (Emmett, Idaho)Afternoon siesta (Emmett, Idaho)

To see more of Tennyson’s photographs, visit him on Instagram at a.l.tennyson.