When six-year-old Lauren Rudolph was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, and fever, doctors were mystified as to the cause of her sudden and terrifying symptoms. Just five days later Lauren would become the first victim of a mysterious bacterial pathogen. Hundreds of sick children began to show up at hospitals across the Western states, three more children died.

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After frantic research, health officials managed to trace the deadly outbreak to a singlesource: undercooked hamburgers eaten at the popular fast-food chain Jack in the Box.

Back in 1993, no one had ever heard of E. coli. Food poisoning might give you a stomachache but it wasn't regarded as life-threatening, and no one dreamed that giving a child ahamburger could have deadly consequences. The alarming E. coli outbreak that began withLauren Rudolph opened America's eyes to the dangers of undercooked meat, touching off amedia and political frenzy that would revolutionize the way we eat.

"The Jack in the Box outbreak is considered the meat industry's wake-up call," says bestselling author Jeff Benedict. "As soon as hamburgers killed kids, everything changed." Benedict conducted over 250 on-the-record interviews and poured over thousands of pages of documents to produce an incredible behind-the-scenes account of the Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak. Benedict chronicles how this outbreak, apart from causing severe injury, challenged everyone affected; from the group of doctors who had never seen a case of E. coli to the Jack in the Box executives who had to quickly devise new industry safety standards that went way beyond what any other restaurant chain had done previously or see their business fail.

In POISONED Jeff Benedict expertly guides readers through the unprecedented political and legal battle that followed America's largest outbreak of foodborne illness to date, told through the eyes of a vividly drawn cast of characters:

Painstakingly researched and gut-wrenchingly immediate, POISONED tells the story of a pivotal moment in American history, one that graphically demonstrated the dangers of food-borne illness and would leave the food industry forever changed. Part investigative journalism and part legal thriller, POISONED is the definitive chronicle of the 1993 food poisoning drama that gripped the nation.